The importance of photography in hotel digital marketing

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Digital marketing without photography eliminates the proof that a business exists. Photography has often played a significant role in convincing customers to make reservations. Recent research indicates that 60% of the bookings made online are influenced by the type of photographs you have used.  This means that without photography there will be no interactive content for your hotel digital marketing. Some of the importance of photography include:


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1. They act as proof that the business exists.

If you aim to tap the foreign market, then you will need high-quality photographs to get the job done. Each picture you showcase in your hotel website acts as proof that the hotel exists. Without the picture, all you will be left with is a bunch of words that most people often tend to brush off. A number of crispy clear photos of your hotel can do wonders compared to a number of articles explaining why people should visit your hotel. Digital marketing in Kenya would be completely crippled if photography were not in the picture. 

hotel room

2. Photography drives people to book hotels.

For you to successfully achieve hotel digital marketing, you will require content which potential clients will brush through to have an overall view of your hotel. You will then need quality photographs that will act as confirmation stating that whatever you have mentioned in the article is true. Great pictures will not only make your website to look more attractive but also intrigue your clients and sway them to end up making reservations. Photography has often helped a number of hotel businesses to get customers and market their brands beyond their boundaries. You will also require photographs when applying for OTA listings. Photography is by far the only digital marketing strategy in Kenya that is compelling enough. It will not only enable you to get new clients but also make increase your bookings.

book online

3. It is a strategy to make your hotel brand visible.

The visibility of your hotel brand depends on photography. With it, you can easily come up with something to share on social media and even on your official business website. You will be able to showcase your guest rooms, the available amenities, your outdoor swimming pool and also the incredible valet parking. The trick is to make sure that the photographs you use are detailed and quality. Make the marble floor visible, amplify the hardwood cabinets and include the entertainment centre. All these are features that people will be keen to look at before they make reservations. With excellent photography, you will be able to make your brand visible enough for your customers to see.

gain exposure


Photography is a trend that has managed to grow into a powerful digital marketing tool. Quite a number of hotels are taking advantage of this strategy and are amply using it to market their brand to foreign countries. It also acts as the only available proof that customers need to believe in the existence of your hotel business and to be convinced to make reservations.

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