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8 tips for creating effective hotel packages

Use the following eight tips to create the perfect packages and drive more direct bookings at your hotel:

How do you build attractive hotel stay packages?

Enticing guests to choose your hotel as their preferred place to stay can sometimes take more than a good price and pretty website. To the average traveller you and your competitors will often appear very similar.
That’s why you need to present an offer that tips the balance and convinces an undecided traveller yours is the best hotel for them. Package deals and extras are an easy, but extremely effective way of doing this, providing you take the right approach.

The key factors you must keep in mind when creating packages and extras are: What you sell; How you sell it; When you sell it.

Mobile marketing offers a wide range of opportunities for interacting with users on a more personal level. Today, we can address a much more specific audience according not just to age, gender and location, but also to interests and mobile browsing data, as well as other factors that give the possibility to reach a specific target segment, within a specific audience profile.


1.  Offer your guests value for money
Given the obvious expenses incurred from going on a trip, many travellers are quite money-savvy. Telling them you’re giving them
a great deal simply won’t cut it. They’ll be smart enough to see through any empty offerings. Learn to understand your general
demographic as well as possible and give them the sense they’re getting great value for money. Packages that personally interest
or excite guests are always going to be more successful than a standard ‘romance’ package of chocolate and champagne.


2.  Enter into partnerships with local businesses
Combining your services with that of another tourist attraction in the area is a surefire way to add value to your packages.
It also affords you greater flexibility on what you can offer guests. Popular examples might include tickets to:

• Zoos
• Museums
• Local tours
• Theme parks
• Concerts and festivals
• Restaurants and cinemas
• Experiences in surfing, rock climbing, skiing etc

Even one-off events can be leveraged as short-term packages. The more guests you can convert to packages or extras
the better, as guests who purchase these are less likely to cancel their booking.


3. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box
It’s wrong to assume packages and extras are only reserved for leisure travellers. Business travellers can also find huge
benefits in deals that make their trip more convenient and hassle-free. And within leisure travellers there are many
niches. Depending on your destination, your package might be more targeted towards relaxation, adventure, or culture.
Thinking creatively will always spark the interest of guests. If travellers see something they don’t expect they’re more
likely to investigate it further. For example, creating a ‘bucket list’ package that includes passes or discounts to the
absolute must-sees of the local area is likely to garner more attention than if it was simply a bundled attraction package.
There are particular groups you may also need to create packages for such as:

• Families with children
• Guests with disabilities
• People travelling with pets
• Event trips such as weddings or honeymoons
• Occupation-specific packages for professionals

You can also add your own services to the mix, such as spa treatments and massages.
You want as much revenue flowing through your property as possible and guests are
more likely to pay for your premium amenities if they’re included in a package.


4. Always promote your packages
The type of package you’re offering is irrelevant if no
one is aware of it beyond your property’s website. Use
prominent social media channels such as Facebook,
Twitter, and Instagram to let travellers know about the
deal. All these platforms give you the ability to boost
your content and run targeted advertising when you
need to.
You can also send out information via your email lists
and give the relevant details to your local tourism
office, so they can also drum up business. If you’re
building a package dedicated to an upcoming holiday
or annual event, there’s an even greater chance you’ll
receive traffic because it’s likely to be in the news
already and travellers will be searching for it.
A key point to remember is that you should spruik the
quality and convenience of your packages rather than
the price. The real value of a package is the one-stopshop
element, not necessarily any significant price

5.  Increase your conversions with a
healthy blend of packages
Not all guests will place emphasis on saving money. Some
are happy to pay a lot of money while others just want
something quirky and different. Does your package have one
or more of the following qualities:
• They incorporate local culture and attractions
• They include an extreme or quirky experience
• They incorporate ultra-luxury, high-end elements
• They serve niche demographic markets or lifestyles
• They tie in to holidays or special commemorative days
A particularly interesting case is the ‘Ink & Stay’ package at
the Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach, California includes a $100
voucher for a tattoo at the nearby Black Rose Tattoo parlour.
The hotel also throws in an ice pack and skin lotion, as well
as a bottle of pain-numbing tequila.
Knowing travellers can be very impulsive while on holiday, it’s
a smart strategy.


6.  Be agile with your packages strategy
Your hotel always needs to be adapting to the changing travel landscape, and also the
different times of year. Otherwise your packages may seem stale.
Packages for each season or even just winter and summer is an easy way to stay on top of
this but you should also track the latest trends in the industry to ensure you’re not falling
behind your competitors.
There are always broader fads that sweep across the world and present valuable
opportunities. In 2016, it was Pokémon Go. Continuing to create new packages will promote
repeat visitation because guests who enjoyed their stay once will be excited to try something
new but in an environment they already trust.


7.  Take a measured approach
Make sure you don’t dilute your effort or over commit yourself by
offering too many packages at once. Use these points as a guide:
• Try two or three packages and monitor how they’re received
• Lock partners in for at least six months
• Never offer more than five packages at a time


8.  Consider how your PMS can boost guest perks
Make sure your PMS can interface with your CRS vendor. With the right PMS, you’ll be able to offer packages to potential
guests, enticing them to choose the rate at your hotel.
While some PMSs have limitations with this or charge an additional fee to provide this service, a more robust, innovative
PMS can give your property an edge when offering packages and other perks to guests.
Look for a provider that can offer you a mobile hotel PMS such as StayNTouch.


9. Use an online booking engine
to optimise your packages
It’s really important to use an online booking engine
that can host bespoke packages with flexibility builtin.
This way, you can sell your packages direct and
Look for a tool like eleads Hotel Booking Engine,
which allows hoteliers to take control of their selling
options for packages and extras.




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